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I just had to take time out today to write this recommendation. I'm in real estate and I work with contractors all the time. After we flooded I worked with more contractors than I care to mention. Most of the contractors that I come in contact leave me shaking my head with disbelief. The lack of professionalism no longer shocks me. After many quotes and lots of research, we decided to hire Alfresco Custom Concepts to replace 500ft of fence, trim all our trees and install French drains. I have to tell you, it was a great experience. They were PROFESSIONAL and did EVERYTHING they said they would do. Our fur babies can no longer escape our yard! The true test for our French drains was today with this storm. I walked outside and actually did the "happy dance!" There is no longer standing water by our front door area or driveway!!! If you are considering replacing or repairing your fence or need French drains, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Alfresco Custom Concepts.

Project: Install a Wood Fence, French Drain and Trim Trees

Carol H

We were looking for a company to complete our commercial build out for our Club Pilates Rice Military studio. We contacted a few different companies to review the proposed site and provide estimates. We decided to use Alfresco based on the level professionalism of Ruben. Through-out the project Ruben made sure that he stayed in constant communication with us letting us know what to expect and when. We ran into some delays with the City of Houston, but they were no fault of Alfresco or crew. In fact they were able to make up some time on their end and went above and beyond to complete our project. Overall we are very happy with the construction and glad we chose Alfresco. We really enjoyed working on this project with Ruben, Dana and team and would definitely use again .

Ulysses W.

We needed a team of professionals that could create an efficient design for our oddly shaped parking lot in a timely manner, while also allowing our business to remain fully functional for our clients during the duration of construction. Alfresco did just that at a reasonable price and with incredible customer service! We have a beautiful and functional parking lot that will last for years to come.

Laura Koch - Executive Manager

Meadowlake Pet Resort & Training Center

In November of 2018, I enlisted the help of Alfresco General Construction to remodel three bathrooms.

On the initial visit, Ruben was on time and listened closely to what we wanted to do. During this visit, he took measurements and made some suggestions and shared ideas with us. Some of these design ideas ended up in our final design.

A few days after this initial visit, we received a quote. It was nice to see a line item accounting of each step. It was well organized and transparent. Since this was our first remodel, we had lots of questions and changes. Ruben was very patient in explaining the cost and process to ensure we were comfortable. During this back and forth, he responded very quickly as we worked toward an executed contract.

Before the work began, he introduced me to the foreman and did a thorough walk-through and explained the overall process and timing. We did the two upstairs bathrooms first and completed these projects before we started on the downstairs bathroom. This ensured we always had a functional bathroom to use at all times and minimized any disruption.

One of the more difficult challenges for us was picking out all our stuff. Although we had ideas of what we liked, we are nowhere close to professional designers and were unsure of how everything would look together (flooring, tile, counter tops, backsplash, colors, styles, etc.). Ruben supplied a few places to go. On a few of these shopping trips, Ruben’s wife (Dana) joined us. Her design input really helped us solidify some of our choices.

During the project, we encountered some items that needed to be changed from the original plan. Some were design elements and changes we opted for and others were surprises we found hidden behind the walls (unconventional piping and infrastructure and mold, etc.). On these occasions, we met to discuss options and worked together to understand how they would impact cost and timing. At the first meeting, Ruben recommended building in some additional budget to cover unforeseen issues so it wasn’t a complete surprise. However, it was always a comfortable and collaborative conversation when these things happened. And a plan was always agreed upon prior to any work being started. Ruben would come by at the end of almost every day and do a walk through inspection of the day’s progress and lay out the plan for the next day.

The nature of construction work like this is loud and messy. Ruben’s crew was very cautious while in our home and took great care to cover wood floors, carpets, furniture, etc. while trafficking in and out. And they always left a clean space after they left each day (even in the bathrooms being worked on).

I am very happy with the final result. Bathroom remodels in our older home have been on the list for a long time and all three look and feel brand new. I would highly recommend Ruben and Alfresco for any upcoming remodel projects.

Lou C

My back yard fence was rotting, a portion had fallen over due to high winds. Ruben was very quick to set up an initial consultation and provided a detailed and reasonable quote. He and his crew installed the new days just days later once the materials arrived. I couldn't be happier. The fence is constructed with triple braces, reinforced with metal bindings rather than the usual nails, and decking screws to secure the pickets. It is solidly built and looks fantastic. They took great care in not damaging any of my fruit trees or plants lining the fence. I plan on hiring them again for future outdoor projects.

Project: Repair or Partially Replace a Wood Fence

Flora M.

The dog next door was slowly but surely destroying the fence between our two properties. Ruben quickly set up a consultation and had an itemized quote for us by the day after we requested referrals from Home Advisor. The work was completed quickly, including cleanup. The employees were friendly and professional. I will definitely contact this contractor if I have other projects that they might handle.

Project: Install a Wood Fence

Donna W.

We had a French drain and sprinklers installed and they were absolutely professional and gave us great work!! Will definitely use again in future home projects.

Project: Landscape Yard or Gardens

John T.

Very professional and excellent customer service.

Project: Install French Drain

Aurora T.

Professional and great work.

Project: Install a Wood Fence

Dana S.

He is honest truthful and does good work and good value.

Project: Install or Repair Siding

Hugo K.

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